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Image by David Monje
Kerry Evans
Artist & Yoga Instructor

I believe there is a creative source that is in constant flow among, through and with all things. Through mindfulness exercises, yoga and pranayama breathwork, along with simple brushwork and painting exercises, we awaken this source of creativity within ourselves. I deeply believe that this creativity is accessible to each one of us.

While some painting exercises will be given specifically about watercolor and drawing techniques, most will be meditative in nature. The product or outcome is not necessarily our primary concern. It will be the painting process, which ultimately is a meditative experience, that will be emphasized and celebrated.

My dynamic and creative yoga classes incorporate flowing sequences of postures linking breath and movement and are designed to deepen the breath, strengthen the body and awaken the spirit. I draw inspiration from Yin Yoga, which I have studied extensively with Sarah Powers and Josh Somers, as well as Meridian Yoga and Qi Gong. Inspirational readings and pranayama (dynamic breathwork) are integrated into all of my classes.

By practicing yoga and painting amongst the red rocks of Sedona we become fully present and deeply experience the power of this unique landscape.

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